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This coffee is the local Indonesian Bourbon varietal, and is grown in Sumatra on the Onang Ganjang plateau at approx. 1400 MASL. This coffee is grown by farmers with small holdings, and is closely managed undergoing strict quality control checks from the growing of the cherry to the safe arrival in Australia. The cherries are picked, mashed and fermented for 12 hours to break down the fruit layer. After this they are washed to remove the fruit layer, then partially dried prior to being Wet-Hulled to remove the parchment layer on the bean. Wet-Hulling of coffee is only practiced in Indonesia and typically emphasises the body of the coffee and reduces its acidity.


A truly unique coffee experience! This coffee is fabulous no matter how you have it!

Although we do offer to grind your coffee, to maintain the coffees quality and freshness we recommend selecting the 'Whole Beans' option.


All Coffees are packaged in Stand-up, Zipper Re-sealable Bags, with Valve – ensuring that your coffee is kept at its freshest.

Biru Bianca

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Biru Bianca
$25.00every month until canceled
  • Biru means Blue in Indonesian. This outstanding Indonesian speciality single origin coffee is wet hulled, producing an amazing blueish green hue to the raw coffee bean. In the cup it has amazing flavours of citrus, sweet berry and biscuits. Outstanding coffee!

  • Available for Pick-up or postage via Australia Post Satchel

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