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About Us

I can say I fell in love with coffee during my time as a Barista and Coffee Shop Manager in my early 20's. Upgrading coffee equipment at home from the kettle to an espresso machine was only the beginning!


How We Got Here

After a move to regional NSW we found it really difficult to obtain fresh roasted coffee that we liked at an affordable price. 


That's when I started to get curious about the coffee roasting process and whether it could be done at home!

After weeks of research and a bit of outlay I purchased a Behmor Roaster and some green beans.

The difference in the freshness and quality of the roasted coffees was more than remarkable!  


We were able to produce the most amazing, top café style coffee at home!


The aroma - the crema and the flavours were more pronounced - we were hooked!

Image by Eduardo Gorghetto

I was roasting beautiful single origins, and then moved on to experiment with blending coffees from different origins with huge success.

I outgrew my little Behmor and upgraded to a Hottop - another little benchtop roaster as I was now roasting for family, and also had increased coffee consumption at home.


I started roasting for work colleagues too.  

I couldn't keep up.


My very supportive partner suggested upgrading again, as within three years this little hobby was starting to take up too much time and I needed more capacity.


Upgradeitis is real! 

In 2014 I purchased a 1kg roaster with the intent to continue roasting for us, our families, friends and work colleagues. 

Image by SnapbyThree MY

Then COVID19 hit.

This turned everyone's world upside-down.

It changed so many dynamics of everyday life

~ work from home

~ no visitors

~ home schooling
~ lock-downs and lock-outs.


I had a tumultuous 2020 (like everybody) but I realised that I wanted and needed to change things up. 

I knew that I have a fabulous product, I knew that I am fastidious about the roasting process and the quality of my outputs! 

THEN IT HIT ME - if I could consistently produce outstanding products for family, friends and colleagues for over ten years, why am I not offering my fabulous products to everyone?

This was when the real fun started! 

I had to crack on and get organised.

I needed a commercial space, a commercial roaster, bags, branding, a grinder, a website and MORE beans. 

I had my ‘she-shed’ upgraded and council approved.

I found and imported my roaster, and had it installed.

I found an awesome supplier of beans that enabled me to not only replicate what I had been doing for 10 years, but also expand the range of coffees I previously had available.

I went live with this enterprise at the end of March 2021 with the hope that the business will progressively grow into a full time venture.

I still have lots to go on this web-site and will continue to update this as time progresses.

I will be compiling more information for my Blog, and will also be providing links to very interesting stories, facts and reviews from other industry professionals.

I also want to thank my wonderful partner, Roger, who has been behind me all the way.

I could not have accomplished this without him.

Small Batch.

Hand Roasted.

Hand Sorted.

Premium Fresh Coffee. 

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